Welcome to our Blog!

Hello world!

Friends of the Edgewood Preserve finally has a web-blog, thanks to some friends who offered to meet at a cafe a few days before the end of 2009 to give us a crash course on blogging.  Although we ultimately decided on a blog infrastructure rather than a formal website design, our blog in its basic design, is very similar to some traditional websites, with more permanent pages listed at the top of the blog.

We hope you will visit often to click and explore those pages and when you don’t have all that much time to do that, then please just read our posts.  We also welcome your ideas and suggestions, or just your kind words of encouragement, support, praise, kudos…all those things have kept us going over these past few years, and more recently, the past few months, as we made many changes to our board and our short and long term goals.

Many of you know about us and our work already, and you know we have accomplished so much in just a few years.  For those who don’t, we will be filling these pages with some of this history, along with photos and other interesting stuff so you can catch up and get to know us.  We have shifted our emphasis from short term damage control to long term restoration and renewal.

Although there is a lot of hard work to be done, we are excited about the journey ahead.

For now, our blog posts will likely be done weekly (more often if we have time or if something warrants a post).  They might be about an Edgewood experience, an update about the many causes and issues we are involved in, or perhaps a short essay or a poem.  In other words, you never know — whatever inspires us to write.  Also, coming soon…Friends of Edgewood Preserve’s current President, Patricia Burkhart is working on a personal blog, Edgewood: A Love Story, a diary/memoir from 2004 to the present about her personal sojourn into the woods of this nature preserve and what its survival and restoration means to her.  We will let you know when it is up and running so you can visit that blog too.

If time goes by and we haven’t written, please do nudge us!  A question about Edgewood can turn into a great post, or two or three.  And please tell others about our blog or list us as a link on your blog or website.  Now that we are finally getting started, we want everyone to know!

In the meantime, we wish everyone who reads this (and those who don’t too) a safe and happy winter season…grab a friend or take the entire family on a walk through Edgewood.  Winter is an especially magical time to be in the woods.


Friends of the Edgewood Preserve

January 2010


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