About Edgewood

The Edgewood-Oak Brush Plains Preserve, or Oak Brush Plains Preserve at Edgewood, is a state-owned, 843-acre nature preserve, situated within the towns of Babylon, Huntington and Islip (more specifically, the hamlets of Deer Park, Dix Hills and Brentwood).  It was the site of the former Edgewood State Hospital. (For more history, go to History page.)

The preserve is part of the State Nature and Historic Preserve, one of fourteen such lands in New York State given that classification, and as such is protected by our state constitution and is afforded one of the highest levels of protection.

Many laws protect the Edgewood Preserve.  To learn more, please go to the Protected by Law page.

The Edgewood Preserve (and adjacent and contiguous Pilgrim parcel and NYS Parks-owned Sagtikos Woods parcels) forms the largest area of open space west of Brookhaven, is the second largest remnant of pitch-pine scrub oak habitat in all of New York State, and is the largest natural wildlife corridor in Western Suffolk County.

It is a globally rare (meaning that there are very few remaining intact parcels left on the planet) pitch-pine scrub oak habitat, home to a wide array of migratory birds and a variety of wildlife, including red fox, rabbits, chipmunks, possum, voles, moles, toads, snakes, box turtles, and owls.

The preserve and adjacent lands provide prime nesting for plant and animal species that are on New York State’s Endangered, Threatened and Special Concern lists, including…

The Edgewood Preserve is also home to many varieties of dragonflies, butterflies and moths, including the rare Coastal Barrens Buckeye Moth, as well as many types of mushrooms and fungi.

The Edgewood Preserve and adjacent Pilgrim lands sit on top of a Special Groundwater Protection Area, a major source of drinking water for both Nassau County and Suffolk Counties.

The trails and paths in the preserve are ideal for hiking, biking, jogging, walking, birding, snowshoeing — passive and unobtrusive activities.  Old Commack Road, a paved 1.6 mile road that runs north south and is now part of the preserve’s trail network is great for jogging and biking, and especially wonderful for families with young children to ride bikes or just walk in a quiet place.

The preserve is managed by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

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